Baritone and Euphonium - One in the Same?

Let's take a closer look - recommended makes and models

Mouthpieces and Accesories

Let's Get Started

-How to set up your instrument

-The correct position for playing

-Instrument maintenance

Let's Buzz

Music Notation Review

Warm Ups to start your practice

Lip Slurs and Tonguing Exercises

Beginners Fingering Chart

Playing Patterns -Concert Bb Scale, Arpeggio, Thirds and Chormatic Scale

Let's Make Some Music

Itsy Bitsy Spider, Rain Rain, Hot Cross Buns, Dreidel Song, London Bridge, Lullaby, Merrily We Roll Along

Professional Players and Repertoire

About the Author

Sources and Credits


©2017 by Earl Ronnie Cato for American Band College project 

MUSI 6285 Practical Application #3

Euphonium - Above and Beyond.

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